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Wheel Repair

Q. Can you repair my wheels?

A. In most cases, YES!

If the wheel is repairable, it is generally cheaper to repair than to replace.
However, occasionally it is more cost-effective to replace a damaged wheel; and sometimes a wheel is damaged beyond repair.

Q. How much will it cost to repair my wheel(s)?

A. Wheel repair is a labor-intensive service that is done by hand by an in-house artisan.

Pricing for this service starts at $65 per wheel and averages $100 per wheel.
Pricing varies depending on the service being provided: painting (such as curb-trash repair), bend-straightening, welding. Labor to take your tire off and put it back on, is additional, and varies depending upon the size of your wheels.

We can do spot-repairs or a complete wheel refinish.
All repairs must be evaluated for accurate price quote and turn-around time. Come see us for a quote!

Wheel Powder-Coating

Q. Do you powder-coat wheels?

A. Absolutely! Powder-coating is a great option to change the look of your wheels without the hassle of buying new wheels. Powder-coated wheels can be completely customized-- you select the exact color you want (the color choices are almost endless!) AND the finish, such as matte, satin or gloss.

Q. Cool, how long will it take to powder-coat my rims?

A. It usually takes 1-2 business days

Q. How much does it cost to powder-coat wheels?

A. Pricing depends on the condition of your rims before-hand, the size of your wheels and the service you have requested. Pricing usually starts at about $125 per wheel.

Wheel Alignments

Q. Do you perform wheel alignments? If so, how much will it cost?

A. Yes! We do wheel alignments using our state-of-the-art Hunter HawkEye Laser alignment machine. Alignments start at $79.95 for most vehicles. Price increases for light trucks and specialty vehicles (cars/trucks with oversized wheels, old school cars, cars that require a shim alignment)

Q. Why can’t I get a 2-wheel alignment?

A. Tire sensors go on all 4 wheels; however, on some cars we can only adjust the front-end; none-the-less, this is still a 4 wheel alignment

Q. Do you do shim alignments?

A. Yes, we can align old school vehicles that require shims.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Q. What is TPMS?

A. TPMS stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This is an electronic system, standard equipment in most vehicles these days, which monitors your tire pressure and alerts you if the pressure is off more than5 psi from factory recommended pressure in one (or more) of your tires.

There are different systems for different cars, but the primary function of the TPMS is the same: to monitor your car’s tire pressure.

Q. Does my entire TMPS system need to be reset, or can I just have the light turned off?

A. Frequently, just changing the tire or adding necessary air will reset your TPMS light (turn it off).
Other times, your entire TPMS will need to be reset. We charge a fee for the labor needed to reset your vehicles’ entire TPMS, or replace the sensors in the tires.

Flat Tire/ Tire Repair

Q. Can you repair my flat tire?

A. Yes, if your tire is damaged in a “repairable” area, we will repair it for you! Per industry guidelines, damage to sidewall and shoulder of tires is Non-Repairable.

Q. Plug vs Patch?

A. We patch tires; patches are guaranteed to last the lifetime of the tire. Plugs are a cheap, temporary solution; we do not plug.

Road Force Balancing

Q. What is Road Force balancing and do you offer it?

A. Road Force Balancing is performed on a specialized Road Force Balance machine which, in addition to performing a traditional spin balance, measures both the wheel and tire by pressing a large roller against the tread of the spinning tire. The roller applies 1,200 to 1,400 pounds of pressure to simulate the weight of the vehicle on the tire as it rolls down the road.

Q. When should I get a road force balance?

A. When the circumstance requires a higher-tuned balance; for example, a European car with larger diameter wheels, or trucks with larger rims.

Window Tint

Q. Do you do window-tint? What is the pricing?

B. Yes! We do window tint! Pricing starts at $80 for 1 window, and goes up from there, with a price break for each additional window tinted.

Remember to count every window you want tinted! For example, most rear windows have two panes of glass.
Also, additional work is required to remove old tint if your windows have been tinted before
Contact us for an exact quote and to make an appointment!

Other Services Rolling Stock Offers

Q. What other car repair services can you help me with?

    1. Anything tire or wheel related, including many services other tire/wheel shops do not have enough experience to do; such as wire wheels, stretching tires, aftermarket wheels and tires, plus sizing wheels and tires, vehicle customization

    2. Wheel alignment

    3. Suspension—lifting and/or lowering cars and trucks

    4. HALO/ LED headlight installation

    5. Window Tint

    6. Brakes, original and custom

    7. Caliper & drum painting

Q. Do you do engine work?

A. No, I’m sorry, we work on the undercarriage of cars and trucks, we do not do any “under-the-hood” engine repair

Big Truck Stuff

Rolling Stock is the only tire shop in San Francisco that services commercial truck tires!

We service semis, buses, firetrucks, back-hoes, tractors, work trucks and other big truck tires! This means we install tires on split rims, we do steer tires and drive tires.

We also offer road-side assistance for tire-related issues on Commercial Vehicles within San Francisco City limits and south to SFO.

Used tires?

Yes, we offer used tires for passenger, light truck and performance vehicles. Drop by or call for selection and pricing.

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